Sunday, 21 April 2013

Rest. Eat. Recover

I have always found it hard to take a break from exercise  for some reason I feel uneasy whenever I might not be able to fit my daily workout in......

However I have been for a little while now attempting to take a weekly rest day, whilst eating as much as I would on an exercise day.

For many it is exercise that is planned into their week......for me it is the REST DAY.

Weird I know........but........Im just a tad weird.

PS sorry for the long absence of posts but art has been a priority! Now Im FINISHED for the year, so summer here we come!

Today started with listening to the London marathon on the radio, ironic I chose to rest the day which most are pushing themselves to the limit! its 12:30 pm and I still haven't left the house!


Greek yogurt mess, and fresh fruits with some leftover "sweets" as a granola style topping, White Tea and coffee.

LOVED the box!

Some summer photos as well on the side........

I have to admit though I regretted the coffee just wasn't quite right......

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