Friday, 5 April 2013

Runny nose calls for runny weather........

It seems to be the case that whenever the weather appears downbeat I myself am in a state of depression.
Thus it was a nice change to see a glimpse of sun today even if I myself am still suffering from a runny nose.

Thus hot drinks, tissues and tasty food have been on the agendure!

Coffee.....its been such a long time

                   Greek yogurt bowl for the soul: Grapes, strawbs, Fudge-chip baby Blondie
    Sooooo good
Apple and raw veg on the one random steamed stalk of my beloved Broccoli.....;) 

I noticed the beauty of my curtains.....and thought they'd make a great background for my culinary photos, i.e. (ma food shots!)

    Which they most certainly did......

Tea.....I love u more than any other drink......sorry coffee

I'll need these bad boys for a few more days I think.
See ya....hope alls well in the blog world!

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