Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Summer Wisdom.

Today I woke up, the first thing that went through my sleepy brain was not, "ah what a lovely sunny morning", it was instead, "ahhhhhhhhhhh! ma bloody jaw/tooth, what the f*** is up with it!

Yes my last wisdom tooth is making a break for it,

and unfortunately for me it is an INCREDIBLY painful one.......

so for the moment it is "soft" foods, salt rinses, hot drinks and PAIN relief meds on the agenda!

But, having had my daily rant, it was a gorgeous day at home today ;)

All creatures in residence were making the most of it!

Greek yoghurt, 1 heaped tsp of better n peanut butter, fresh berries, grapes and cookie bar crumbs.

I spy a chicken!

my beautiful baby bou jangles.....

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