Friday, 26 April 2013

Sun is the Best Medicine.

It is true that for me yesterday was a sad occasion, but it was also probably the most beautiful day of the year so far, I took a lovely evening walk across the fields behind my house. Evening and early morning are the best times to encounter the wildness at it's most active, aka seeing an owl swoop past you silhouetted against the last ray of april sun.

I thought: This is being alive, 
                I am aware of being alive, 
                This is paradise, 

Experience the now, don't wait or dwell on what might or might not be there after this life.  

    The drink of the summer: sparkling lemonade with a slice of orange for colour.

Spot of mid-day tanning......

My two favourite colours rolled into one flower..... glorious!

I think someone wants a drink!

Greek yoghurt, fresh berries, grapes, peanut butter and chocolate sauce, crumbled gingersnap blondies.

Also managed to fit in some evening baking: my new ginger snap blondies and my fudge-raisin baby blondies.

              They turned out wonderfully soft, moist, fudgy, thick, creamy, dense.......heaven ;)

Bedtime buster: frozen raspberries, greek yogurt, spoon of better n peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and about one and a half blondies, (gingersnap and fudge-raisin!)

Thank you sun for such a special day........x

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