Monday, 6 May 2013

Fat Post with a side of BREAKFAST.

Sorry guys for not having posted anything lately, i just be soooooo lazy! 

Anyways since finishing uni ive been trying to eat breakfast regularly......because, well, i have to admit that at college i fell into the pattern of skipping breakfast in order to sleep in!

However breakfast is in my eyes the most important and tasty meal of the day.....

Thus my quest begins to keep calm and carry on breakfasting! 

Enter, heaps of greek yogurt, mounds of berries, swirls of peanut butter sauce, lashings of protein pudding and gallons of tea.

its weird, you would think i would get tired of greek yogurt..........but i don't!

its so thick, creamy, tangy and goes with pretty much anything!

ive even tried it in chicken/ham rolls with bovril!!!! ;)

like my new mug???
And bowl.....?

Some casual photos, since the weather has been fab lately!

root beer in a snapple bottle.....strange....



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