Wednesday, 29 May 2013

First What I Ate Wednesday.


hello there fellow wiaw bloggers.....i wish to enter your world of food, fitness and love of the earth!

hopfully you will enjoy my photos, but beware as i havnt gotten quite into the blogging expertise that you guys have!

anyway.....i was kinda undecided as to what to have for ma breaky so whilst i decided i rustled up some pb dessert hummus.....its been way too long since i made this stuff, its awesome!

This batch contained: Chickpeas, 3x Tbsp of peanut butter, Chocolate chips, spinkles, 2xtbsp maple syrup, 4-5 dates and a pinch of salt.

Blend everything together with some almond milk.....and te-dar, dessert hummus was born!

It makes about two largish jars full.....that is as long as you don't end up eating half of the stuff before it makes it into the jars!

Ok so I finally decided on Breakfast, 
Greek yogurt. 
Marshmallow drizzle. 
Bran Flakes. 
Ready Break dusting. 
Banana protein pudding Sauce. 
Fudge-blondie pieces. 


Also in the works,

Hot oatibix.
Green Tea.

Can you see the L.o.v.e? 

Happy WIAW! 


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