Saturday, 27 July 2013


"Imagination is the foundation of reality."

Today brings fresh grass after rain, cuddles from a cat, stomach rumbles and anticipation of a kind.

I wonder through the vegetable patches tasting as I go,

peas, wild strawberries, jewel red currants sharp-sweet enough for my taste buds, the chickens cluck,

it could be a farm.......

The sunny yellow courgettes bring smiles and crunch to a these patches of green, soon there is to be happy orange and plump red with the tomatoes.
I wait.....

 .Friday's Breakfast.

Carrot maple loaf with butter spread, fresh fruit, yogurt and tea. 

.Today's Breakfast. 
 Fresh berries, Greek yogurt with sweet hummus, oats soaked overnight in a peanut butter jar with dried fruit, goji berries, grapes, granola, malt powder and maple syrup.


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