Saturday, 8 March 2014

I thought of another lent idea....! 

To blog more...haha, I havn't been around much, possibly school, possibly my troubles are the reason. I feel that blogging would be more helpful in recovery and keeping on the straight and narrow..... 

Photography more as well! 

First day without coffee, its not been good, but white tea helps the head.

Going to Hampstead tomorrow, wish for good weather and hot baked oatmeal ;) recipe coming soon. 
 I wish for happiness 

Another thought for lent is measuring more my sugary foods....yes I no I should not worry but I do, sugar makes me manic and I feel stressed, the same kind of thing that happens to me on coffee.... 
Thus farewell the dips and dabs into dried fruit packets and mindless spoons into the peanut butter jar......I know it may seem too controlling but I will be happier and less scatterbrained with this challenge. Giving up the nut butter I fear will be too much....potential for the endless longing, which never ends well, so I portion and give a limit......this is best for me i think....i hope.

Ill post how I go, this starts now, not tomorrow!;) 

What is your definition of happiness? 


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