Friday, 7 March 2014


'I take up something for lent, do not give up, spring brings positivity' 

I have always felt it to be a negative thing to endlessly strive to give up something for lent. It usually ends in you wanting that thing all of the time and not appreciating what Lent could bring. I am not a religious person, but feel lent is an opportunity full of potential goodness not pressure. 

Thus I wish for this lent....... 

  • to finally knit? ;) 
  • read the books I luv, listen to the stories I miss 
  • keep on going, yes there have been bad days but spring is in the air and that gives me strength and purpose...I will beat the my demons, I will conquer ;) 
  • And inevitably I must give up the coffee ;( yes 'a giving up', but it is for a benefit, I wish not to feel manic or hot, tea is my true luv and there is surplus of Green and Camomile ;) 

Wish me luck for I feel I may need it for the coffee challenge! 


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